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Funding for Innerwick Primary School - 6th December


Community Windpower are delighted to have handed over a cheque to the children of Innerwick Primary School on the 1st of December. The children were very excited to receive the cheque totalling a fantastic £840 to go towards various projects within the school.

One of the major fundraisers the Primary and locals of Innerwick are undertaking is to raise funds for a defibrillator to be in the village. This is a vital piece of life saving equipment and being so far away from any A&E departments is a much needed necessity. Community Windpower helped with £400 towards the total cost and are extremely proud to be involved in this fantastic project.

Part of the funds donated also went to the School Trip to the class pantomime. All the children from nursery to P7 will go on an adventure down to Berwick to see this year’s Christmas Panto. Community Windpower are pleased to help fund the bus for this trip as it’s very important to get children out and about and experience new environments.

Last but by no means least, the rest of the money has gone towards the purchase of Lego packs to enable the school to deliver therapy sessions within the classroom. A great way to teach the children various skills through hands on learning.

Janette Gordon, head teacher of Innerwick Primary said, “Thank you so much for the kind donation to help with all our upcoming projects. Without your support some of these things just wouldn’t happen.”

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