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Funding boost to help light up Dunbar at Christmas

Community Windpower's Christmas Lights donation

Dunbar Christmas Lights’ fund has once again been boosted by a significant donation from Community Windpower.

The Christmas Lights Committee was recently given £2,500 through BeGreen, its Aikengall Community Wind Farms’ Community Benefit Fund.

It’s not the first time that BeGreen has provided financial support for the Christmas Lights, having done so since 2015. This is the third donation.

Graham Adams, representative of the Christmas Lights Committee, said: “We’re delighted that Community Windpower and BeGreen are once again supporting the Dunbar Christmas Lights.

“It’s a fantastic donation and we really appreciate the support that Aikengall Community Wind Farms’ Community Benefit Fund give us.

“The money is vital support for this year’s display because it will be going towards the upgrade of the light infrastructure, which has been undergoing a major overhaul over the last four years, replacing 30 year old equipment.

“We’re now able to meet current safety standards and also greatly increase energy efficiency due to lights being replaced with LED lighting.

“The committee relies solely on donations and fundraising events, and without support from the likes of Community Windpower we wouldn’t be able to switch on the lights, which bring people from far and wide.”

David Currie, BeGreen Energy Assessor said: “We have helped with the upgrade of the lights in the past and we’re really pleased to be able to help out once again.

“Changing lighting to LED is of particular interest to us as a renewable energy operator and a massive way to improve energy efficiency, therefore reducing the impact on the environment.

“The small group of volunteers in the Christmas Lights Committee do a fantastic job of maintaining the lights, not just around the Christmas period but every week of the year.

“Community Windpower even has its own light now, we are extremely proud to be part of this project, which only happen with those dedicated people that make this happen every year.”

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