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For the UK to hit its 2050 Net-Zero Target we need an Extra 100GW of Green Power

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The UK’s legal obligation to hit net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 will require more than 100GW of new wind and solar generation, according to Aurora Energy Research. The Oxford consultancy’s ‘Getting to Net Zero’ report found the climate goal needs wind and solar capacity to increase to more than 140GW by mid-century, up from around 33GW today.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of renewable energy generation helping to meet this target with over 1GW built, under construction and in development. As renewable energy specialists, we are fully experienced in the identification, design, development, construction and operation of onshore wind energy projects and will strive to help the UK hit net-zero by 2050.

Whilst Extinction Rebellion occupies London’s streets to highlight the climate and ecological emergency, leaders from across the energy industry assemble nearby at Aurora Energy Research’s Battery Storage and Flexibility Conference to discuss key questions and find solutions to challenges associated with delivering a net zero energy system:

  • How much zero-carbon capacity such as renewables will be needed?
  • How would we operate a system dominated by variable renewables?
  • What happens when the wind doesn’t blow for a week?
  • How much flexible generation capacity would we need, and what forms would this take?
  • How can we achieve this whilst avoiding the types of blackout experienced on the 9th August this year?

New analysis released today by Aurora Energy Research – the leading independent European energy market analytics company – tackles these questions.

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