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First Minister to publish vision for onshore wind energy

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Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, has announced that she is committed to publishing the final Onshore Wind Policy Statement and a Vision for Onshore Wind as well as facilitating the development of Scotland’s offshore wind supply chain as part of the development of 28GW of offshore wind capacity that was recently awarded through the ScotWind leasing process earlier this year.

The Onshore Wind Policy Statement will include plans to develop 12GW of new operational capacity of onshore wind which will be vital if Scotland is to achieve its goal of reaching net-zero on electricity generation by 2030.

This is a welcome announcement after calls for an Onshore Wind Sector Deal alongside the first ever Low-Carbon Industrial Strategy and will be vital to increase investment in onshore renewables and support the transition to clean energy. Additionally, it allows energy suppliers and manufacturers future security and will boost the green energy sector which supports numerous jobs through the development and maintenance of onshore renewable energy developments.

With the current energy crisis pushing consumer prices to painfully high levels, onshore renewable energy sources remain the cheapest source of electricity and can be quickly developed. These government commitments will bring positive news for those struggling with energy bills and will help towards reducing high energy bills and boosting Scotland’s energy security. Furthermore, onshore wind is a tried, tested and trusted technology which is in stark contrast to nuclear, oil and gas which have a history of being expensive, polluting and controversial.

Community Windpower Limited currently have 8 operational wind farms, 1 wind farm under construction and over 1 GW in planning and can play an important role in delivering clean renewable energy across Scotland and reaching Scotland’s net zero climate targets.

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