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First donation from our 235,000 Covid-19 fund

Delivering shopping to Dunbar residents

Together with BeGreen Dunbar we are pleased to announce our first donation from our new £235,000 Covid-19 Crisis Fund.

We've provided Dunbar & District Coronavirus Community Helpers with £5,000 to support the work they're all doing in the local community.

Ian Hamilton, a member of the Dunbar Coronavirus Response Team, said: “The support from Community Windpower’s BeGreen Dunbar centre came long before either government money or other charity funding became available.

“This speed of financial support meant we could work with families and local people almost immediately and this was crucial in us being able to have a positive impact.

“We intend to use the money to primarily fund foodstuffs, hot meals for the vulnerable, clothing and payment for utilities.

“It’s at times like these that we rely on the likes of Community Windpower, and we can’t thank the company enough for the support it’s provided.”

The East Lothian fund is being coordinated by Anouska Woods from BeGreen Dunbar. To apply to the fund, please contact 01368 863 720.

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