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Edinburgh Science Fair Careers Hive sponsorship

Edinburgh Science Fair's Career Hive

This year we sponsored Edinburgh Science Fair’s Careers Hive, aimed at 13-15-year-old students to help them understand career opportunities of the future.

The event took place at the National Museum Scotland in Edinburgh and was held over six days to ensure the 1,500 students who attended could have time and space to explore all the displays.

Our sponsorship was centred around a Sandbox AR (Augmented Reality) exhibit, which allowed the students to create different geographical environments, and then look at how a wind farm could be located on it.

They had to consider the slopes, height and wider topography before making a decision.

It was a great hands-on experience for students to learn more about visuals and surroundings for various projects.

The children spent lots of times talking about wind farms and asking about best place for turbines, what were the main environmental factors and it was one of the most attended stands by the children.

Other exhibits and stands at the event included engineering from the Army, parasite info and even a life size medical gallstone removal.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, said: “It was great to hear feedback from the students who attended, as it was generally overwhelmingly positive. They had a fantastic day and felt that the event was very well put together and a real insight into various careers in a whole host of industries.

“Sponsoring these types of events is key to our ethos of educating the next generation about the hugely positive, and wide ranging, impacts of renewable energy, in particular windpower.

“We’ll continue support educational facilities and charities and look forward to this event next year.”

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