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East Lothian Roots and Fruits boosted by our Covid-19 crisis fund

East Lothian Roots and Fruits delivering food

East Lothian Roots and Fruits is the latest organisation in East Lothian to benefit from our joint Covid-19 crisis fund with BeGreen Dunbar.

The organisation, which is based in Elphinstone, aims to make fruit and vegetables affordable and accessible, to help tackle poverty and health in the East Lothian region.

Before the Covid-19 situation the organisation carried out a wide range of services including weekly fruit & veg box deliveries, delivery service to housebound, disabled and isolated people who are unable to access our food co-ops, cookery workshops and health promotion sessions.

It is now working directly with 58 families and 32 elderly households every day, providing lunch for the elderly and supporting the food bank with deliveries to doorsteps of those in need.

The organisation is looking to add fresh produce to food bank parcels, to help children, families and the elderly have fruit and vegetables in their diet.

It is working with the local school’s head teacher, the local councillor and community association to ensure those who need its support the most are assisted.

The number of people who require support is increasing every week, which is why the £1,000 from the Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar Covid-19 crisis fund will be greatly appreciated.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, which operates the Aikengall Community Wind Farms in East Lothian, said: “East Lothian Roots and Fruits provide a wonderful service and support to local communities and are particularly needed to ensure people are able to have fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet.

“Food is a necessity, not a privilege, and people should not be going hungry nor children getting excited about when food is delivered.

“It’s great to see East Lothian Roots and Fruits is part of a wider group of organisations working so hard to help families and the elderly across East Lothian, and we’re pleased we can provide them with funds to support that assistance.”

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