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Dunbar RNLIís Strictly for the Lifeboats Ė 15th March


Community Windpower are delighted to have donated £600 to Dunbar RNLI’s recent fundraiser event. The first weekend in March saw the first ever ‘Strictly for the Lifeboats’ fundraiser take place at the popular Strawberry Farm venue. When Veronica Davies, chairwoman of Dunbar RNLI, came up with the idea of a new fundraiser she didn’t realise quite the following it would have.

As soon as the event was advertised on social media there was a flurry of excitement with the question on everyone’s lips ‘Who were the “celebrity” dancers going to be?’ It was soon found that the 14 “celebrities” were local to Dunbar and with all their hard work and determination turned out to be talented dancers.

The team of 14 started practising a good few months ago for at least 6 hours a week. You could see the bond that they had all formed in their first show dance. The place was jam packed with family and friends supporting each and every one of the dancers and the atmosphere was fantastic. The show itself was so popular that they had to spread it over two nights. The competition was stiff on the night and there was every dance imaginable from the jive to the cha cha but at the end of the Saturday night there could only be one winner. That turned out to be Stuart Craig, Manager of the local Factory Shop and Lynsey Courtney, a nurse. They were absolutely thrilled to have been part of the event, as were all the dancers.

The event is believed to have raised over £6,000 so far with donations still being received.

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