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Donation to Help Improve Energy Efficiency at Dunbar Day Centre

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Dunbar Day Centre, a charitable organisation established in 1976, is the oldest centre in East Lothian that exists to provide support to individuals and carers that will allow older people to live and remain active in their local communities for longer. Before the Covid pandemic, the day centre took in 16 people for 5 - 6 hours of respite care each weekday.  This service allows people with dementia to remain at home, rather than go into a care home. During the pandemic, the extremely hardworking and dedicated staff would perform home visits that provided vital social interactions for patients.

With the relaxation of Covid restrictions, residents are now returning to the day centre for this essential service. However, as the centre is located in a beautiful old building, it uses significant amounts of energy. With the rocketing energy prices, the £779.98 donation provided by BeGreen Dunbar on behalf of Community Windpower will go towards improving the energy efficiency of the building, allowing for reduced energy usage and reduced operating costs. With this donation, the day centre plans to fit thermal curtains and replace outdated chandelier lighting with modern, low energy strip lighting services instead 

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