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Delivering toys for children this Christmas


Sunshine Wishes Children’s Charity in Glasgow will be delivering toys to children who will receive little or nothing this Christmas, thanks to a £1,000 donation made by Community Windpower (CWL).

Sunshine Wishes, who recently celebrated their 5th Birthday, is a Scottish children’s charity who’s aim is to fulfil dreams for sick and terminally ill children, children with learning disabilities, and children who are under privileged.

This donation follows on from Community Windpower’s two donations totaling £4,500 from our joint Covid-19 Crisis Fund at the peak of the pandemic in 2020.

The charity has been receiving referrals from nurseries, community groups, health visitors and other organisations in North Glasgow of children who are from disadvantaged backgrounds and will not received anything on Christmas morning.

The £1,000 donation from CWL will go towards meeting the charities aim of delivering 400 gifts, over double the number of presents delivered the year previous. Each present will include a toy, a book and a sweet treat. Sunshine Wishes will also be gifting a ‘treat pack’ containing chocolates and biscuits for families to enjoy over the festive period.

Linda Ford, a trustee of Sunshine Wishes Children’s Charity, said: “As a result of the pandemic, we have had to change the way we support individuals and families.

“We have not been as successful in raising the funds for the appeal this year and we are delighted to have the backing once again from Community Windpower.

“The continued support from Community Windpower is invaluable and we are extremely grateful for the £1000 donation.

“The donation will help us deliver presents across Glasgow to children who without us might not get a present this Christmas and we are extremely proud to be supporting those who need it the most this Christmas”.

Diane Wood, Community Benefits Director at Community Windpower, said: “It is devastating to see families struggle at this time of year, especially at a time of giving and coming together.

“We did not hesitate to support the charity once again and continue to support their amazing work delivering hope and joy to many children and their families.

“We hope the fantastic work done by Sunshine Wishes Children’s Charity this Christmas, and for years to come, continues to provide a pillar of support for the families and children in the community”.

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