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Dalry's Masonic Lodge gets a revamp

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Over the past few years Dalry Parish Boundary Trust and Community Windpower have purposely donated to aid the preservation of much of the town’s built environment for future generations including; Roseharden Hall, Girl Guides’ Blair Activity Centre and Biggart Hall.

Now one of Dalry’s oldest buildings can be added to that list after a £5,000 donation was agreed to help with the cost of badly needed repairs to the building in New Street.

The group who manages the building have been unable to meet since March 2020 and the Lodge has been closed since. Like the majority of organisations during the pandemic their income has been significantly reduced and maintenance bills and fees still had to be paid.

Since the group have taken stock of the building’s condition and found numerous problems and issues inside the lodge room after finding water had been leaking in.

The Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, who allocate the community benefit funding from our Dalry Community Wind Farm, assigned £5,000 to the organisation to renovate the masonic lodge so it can once again host groups and events like pre-pandemic times.

The grant enabled for the complete treatment including paneling and insulation of the buildings main wall, boiler and electrical repairs, new floor joists, a new emergency door, new carpets, new low energy LED lighting throughout the lodge and a deep clean.

The grant was able to cover the cost of all this thanks to the building work being carried out by an amazing group of volunteers who are close to the organisation.

The building serves the wider community and has been a focal point for local clubs like the Dalry Art Club, Dalry Fishing Club and Dalry Folk Club over the years and has provided a space for events such as weddings, funerals, birthday parties and anniversaries.

James Hodge, Secretary at Dalry Masonic Lodge, said: “We are thankful for the £5,000 grant as it has covered the entire cost of the building materials needed.

“We could not have afforded these renovations without the grant and our amazing volunteers who completed all our building work.

“We look forward to welcoming the community back to the Lodge and hosting different clubs and events over 2022”.

Diane Wood, Community Benefits Director at Community Windpower, said: “We have been part of the Dalry community for over 14 years and are happy once again to be able to support a focal point in the community.

“The Dalry Masonic Lodge has been in the town for over 200 years, and we deeply value the opportunity to be a part of the long history.

“This is a great example of how our Dalry Community Wind Farm supports our host communities and we are delighted that the Dalry Masonic Lodge will reopen to the wider community once again”.

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