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Dalry Parish Boundary Trust support fantastic causes - 10th December


CWL are delighted to report on fantastic causes that the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust (DPBT) have recently supported. £2,500 was donated to the Dalry Pigeon Homing Society to repair and renovate their clubhouse, the club includes members from outwith Dalry including Largs and West Kilbride. The DPBT also granted £1,350 for the upgrade and refurbishment of the inside of the Rossarden Centre in Dalry. Membership of the community Sports Judo club has now risen to 60 members, and the funding provided by the DPBT assisted with the purchase of mats for the club. The Dalry Action Group also received funding for the Torch and Tinsel Parade which was held on Friday 27th November. Thanks were also given to the DPBT from the Dalry Art Club and Zephyr Blast Dance Group for their recently awarded grants. 

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