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CWL Supports Development of Belhaven Surf Centre - 30th July


Good progress continues to be made inside the community building and there have been exciting external developments. The outdoor storage area at the back has been completed and the base has been put in position ready for the installation of the showers. Windows and doors have been fitted and the rooms inside have now taken shape. 

Belhaven Surf Centre is a new building, hoping to serve the needs of surfers and the wider community alike. It will become home for a number of organisations improving surf safety, access to all for surf and coastal watersports, sports performance and environmental education. There will also be meeting rooms and a multi-purpose education room which will be available to members of the public. 

Community Wind Power Ltd are proud to have donated £10,000 to aid in construction of this communal building. CWL helps support projects like Belhaven Surf Centre through benefits provided by the operation of the Aikengall wind farm. Aikengall Community Wind Farm provides annual community benefit funding equivalent to £2,500 per MW of installed capacity for the planning permission of the wind farm. Based on an installed capacity of 48 MW, this equates to £120,000 per annum, totalling around £3 million during the 25 year operational period, for the local host communities. Aikengall has been supporting BeGreen Dunbar and related projects for nearly 10 years now. 

The Surf Centre looks to be completed by the end of August and looks forward to sharing the new facilities on offer.

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