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CWL support the Global Climate Strike for Future


Today, school pupils across 82 countries and 927 schools are striking to demonstrate against the lack of action towards addressing climate change. CWL stand behind pupils on March 15th in their own action against climate change, and it is encouraging to see that young people are engaging with environmental issues and taking positive action to broadcast to the world that not enough is being done to tackle the issue globally.

Ever since the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg started the #FridaysForFuture movement in August 2018, more and more students across the globe have joined her cause in taking greater action and showing their passion for fighting climate change. Whilst the youth campaign has brought a new vitality to the climate debate, pupils and parents alike are being forced to take action to play their part in reducing carbon emissions and climate change.

Bea Taylor, whose children attend East Linton Primary, says that; “A child led protest inspired by and led by children is such a unique event and should be fully supported by us adults. Greta Thunberg has lead the way for a whole movement of young people and given us all a glimpse of hope in the state of climate crisis.”

Ava, aged 13 from North Berwick High School, added “We learn all about climate change in the classroom but learning about it isn’t enough if we don’t take action. And if we all take action, even if it’s just a little bit we can really make a difference.”

CWL like to extend support to students from East Linton, North Berwick and Dunbar, who are striking this week and joining thousands of others in Edinburgh to voice their concerns. 

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