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CWL puts the 'Spott-light' on energy efficiency


Spott Parish Church is located in the village of Spott, 2.5 miles south from the coastal town of Dunbar. The date of when the church was built is unknown to this day, however, it is widely accepted that a church or chapel in some respect has existed at the site since the 800’s. The building began as a chapel of rest for those on the ‘Herring Road’, used to transport large amounts of herring fish for winter use and to the markets in Lauder, before the introduction of railways provided a much easier and more cost-effective alternative. These days the church hosts regular Sunday Services for its ‘’significant’’ and ‘’committed’’ congregation, as well as history events, an Archaeology and Heritage Fortnight, and cake and plant sales throughout the year. The church has existed through many economic, environmental and social changes, including the reformation, the Witch Trials and both battles of Dunbar, and is now making changes to become more eco-friendly.

The current church still retains features of the earlier 600-year-old church, however, the structure now largely reflects the alterations and repairs made in the 17th and 18th centuries, with the fixtures of this era being part of the fabric of this small rural church. However, the age of some of the light switches and bulb fittings were causing them to break often, and with a shortage of available replacements, some fixtures were left missing lights. To solve this issue, Community Windpower, through BeGreen Dunbar, has donated £680 to Spott Parish Church for the fitting of 16 LED bulbs, 15 replacement holders and a contribution towards the cost of a new ladder with handrails, which will allow for a safer way of replacing the LED bulbs in the future. Along with a dimmer switch to tailor the lighting to the appropriateness of the service and other community events conducted in the building, the LED bulbs provide a more reliable, flexible and eco-friendly lighting solution, with LED bulbs being up to 80% more efficient than conventional light bulbs. Importantly, the bulbs can be fitted into the existing chandelier fixtures, retaining the historic features and image of the church. Overall, this change will update their fault-prone lighting system, supporting their work with the local community, as well as helping their efforts to become more eco-friendly.

Anouska Woods, Community Coordinator at BeGreen Dunbar, said: “We (CWL & BeGreen Dunbar) are delighted to offer support to the Spott Parish Church and their work to become more eco-friendly. They and other groups like them are crucial to the character and history of villages such as Spott and we are very happy to be able to provide them with the support they need.”

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