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CWL provide £900 for Kirkconnel & Kelloholm Children’s Gala

Childrens Gala

Community Windpower Ltd (CWL) is delighted to have donated £900 towards the Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Children’s Gala which has secured bagpipe rock band Drums N’ Roses for the Eve of the Children’s Gala.

The donation covers the booking fee for Drums ‘N’ Roses who will play at the concert at Kelloholm Primary School on Friday 19th June 2015 at 8pm. CWL are delighted to provide funding for this local event which is part of a two week programme of events for the Children’s Gala.

The Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Children’s Gala is a local group who fundraise throughout the year by organising a wide variety of events and activities that involve the whole community in readiness for this annual event. Community Windpower is delighted to be supporting the organisers by providing community benefit funding from the consented Sanquhar Community Wind Farm.

Angela Noonan from the Kirkconnel & Kelloholm children’s Gala said “The Kirkconnel & Kelloholm Children's Gala were delighted that Community Windpower Ltd were willing to sponsor the Drums 'n' Roses Concert on the eve of their annual Gala Day. The Gala Week is a big event in the village and costs run high trying to provide activities and entertainment for the local children. So once again we would like to thank you very much.”

Drums ‘N’ Roses are a bagpipe rock band who were formed in 2005 and have grown in popularity ever since. They have made an appearance on Britain’s Got Talent and have performed at a variety of small occasions such as weddings to larger events such as at the Burns Day game at Ibrox Stadium as well as a variety of locations around the world.

CWL look forward to attending the concert and meeting everyone involved and we wish the Gala Day every success. 

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