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CWL proud to sponsor Dr James Herring's latest book 'Stranded:The Whales at Thorntonloch' - 3rd June


Community Windpower Ltd and BeGreen Dunbar are proud to have sponsored Dr James Herring’s latest book, Stranded: The Whales at Thorntonloch. Dr Herring approached BeGreen/Community Windpower at the beginning of the year and they were delighted to be part of such a unique and detailed account of what happened many years ago. “We are delighted to sponsor this fascinating book, which describes the event but also the observations, feelings and behaviour of people who went to see the whales”.

The book written by Dr Herring and published by Dunbar and District History Society is a collaboration of real life stories and photos from Dunbar locals to people that travelled from far and wide to come and see such a spectacular scene. Not only does it contain thoughts and feelings from people that were there, the book also describes life back in the 1950s and what has changed from then to now. It also touches on the subject of what if the same scenario were to happen again. A very insightful read.

Stranded is available to purchase from the BeGreen office in Dunbar as well as other outlets on the High Street including Dunbar Town House and Dunbar Lifeboat shop (£1 donation to RNLI here). All profits from the book will go to Dunbar and District History Society. The sales of the book will help fund future history projects.

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