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CWL make 500 donation to Dementia Dog Project

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Community Windpower is delighted to have made a £500 donation to the fantastic charity, Dementia Dog. Dementia Dog is an innovative charitable collaboration between Alzheimer Scotland and Dogs for Good.

Community Windpower are no stranger in supporting projects that help with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Their office space, BeGreen, in Dunbar, is currently home to the Dunbar Dementia Carers Support Group who are using the space to fundraise and promote Dementia Awareness Week which is running until 19th May. Dementia Action Week | Alzheimer's Society (

Being a dog loving company, Community Windpower are excited to be able to support the Dementia Dog Charity. Knowing just how much joy our furry friends bring to us it was heartwarming to see just how much of an impact the lovely dogs were making to people’s life’s. Whether this is through assistance dogs, therapy dogs, or group events the dogs make a huge difference to people that are navigating their personal dementia journey.

Anouska, our BeGreen Community Co-ordinator along with Eldon our Energy Assessor have seen first hand the impact that having a Dementia Dog can have on a family having met a locally placed Demetia Dog, Lenny. They have had regular visits from Lenny and his owner Jeanette. Lenny was placed with Jeanette and her late husband, Jon. They also attended the Dementia Dog Spring Gathering in March where they learned just how much of an impact the Dementia Dogs were making.

Anouska said, “It was such a pleasure to have been invited to the Spring Gathering. We met some lovely people and got lots of cuddles from the wonderful dogs that were there. We learned so much about what they do and the huge difference they are making to people’s life’s. We heard some very heartwarming and poignant stories from families that had a dementia support dog placed with them and the massive positive difference it had made. I can say I shed a few tears. It was an incredible day and I’m so pleased that we are supporting such a great cause. Thank you to everyone that is involved.”

You can find out more about Dementia Dogs here: Home - Dementia Dog Project.


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