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CWL funds St Palladius P5 visit to the Scottish Football Museum


To support their ‘History of Football’ studies at school, the P5 class from St Palladius enjoyed a jam-packed tour of Hampden Park and a visit to the Scottish Football Museum. Boasting a “football journey the like of which you have never been on before”, the Scottish Football Museum showcases thousands of objects that informed the pupils about the history of Scottish football.

Suitable for all ages, the Scottish Football Museum aims to inspire future generations to take an interest in football and perhaps join a local football team. The museum details historic milestones of Scottish football and shines a spotlight on women’s football in particular. The guides at Hampden Park are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed their tour of the huge stadium!

The CWL and DPBT grant facilitated the costs of hiring the bus to transport the P5 class, and the admission costs to the museum and stadium tour. Pete Boustead, our Educational Ranger at BeGreen Dalry, said: “Football is universal, and the pupils loved visiting the museum and stadium to enrich their learning in the classroom.”

For more information about the Scottish Football Museum, please visit:


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