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CWL excited to return to Wallace Hall Academy for Wind Industry Careers Presentations 9th January


Community Windpower Ltd (CWL) Project Managers Martin Williams and Tim Hollins returned to Wallace Hall Academy on Wednesday 9th January to deliver presentations about careers in the Wind Energy industry. With S2 pupils at Wallace Hall Academy currently making their subject choices, it was a great opportunity for them to learn about the exciting career opportunities which may one day see them contributing to Scotland’s target of renewable sources generating the equivalent of 100% of Scotland's gross annual electricity consumption.

The presentations covered the processes and work involved throughout the full lifespan of a wind farm; from the preliminary site identification, through planning and construction, and eventually to the maintenance of a fully operational wind farm.

As part of our commitment to supporting education, employment and investment in Scotland the presentations were designed  to provide the students with valuable real-world  insight to the industry and illustrate the vast career prospects available within renewable energy and the wide range of subjects that open the doorways to these careers. Thus considering the relationship between the subjects the students choose to study now, and how this could influence their future careers.

CWL hope the students enjoyed the presentations and found it beneficial to their decision making for their subject choices and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with Wallace Hall Academy!

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