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CWL direct donation supports Dunbar Shed

Dunbar Shed

Located in Dunbar Business Centre on Spott Road, Dunbar Community Shed is a welcoming place for individuals to create, learn, and develop. The Shed boasts a well-equipped workshop, coffee room and bathroom, offering a perfect location for new and existing projects to be attended to with the tools and equipment.

The volunteers and members at Dunbar Shed are particularly skilled at wood carving, with their creations proving popular with members of the public. They craft a range of goodies, including candle holders, egg cups, and beautiful bird houses. The Shed aims to promote people’s well-being and mental health, by fostering a sense of community and inclusion. CWL provided a direct donation of £750 to support the running costs of Dunbar Shed, which include rent, electricity, insurance, and materials.

Diane Wood, Community Benefits Director at Community Windpower, said: “We are delighted to support Dunbar Shed, and we admire their commitment to well-being and inclusion. The Shed gives people a place to chat, complete personal projects, and learn new skills from others. We look forward to seeing what lovely items they produce next.”

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