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CWL delighted to provide climate change, recycling and energy workshops at Kelloholm Primary School


Employees from Community Windpower Ltd (CWL) provided a number of workshops covering waste & recycling, climate changes and wind energy, with pupils at Kelloholm Primary last week.

Dominic and Richard from CWL’s Projects Team, and Florence a University of Chester Student on an intern scheme, were warmly welcomed at Kelloholm Primary School for a full day of activities surrounding environmental topics.

CWL were thoroughly impressed with P1-3 (ages 4-7) and their knowledge about recycling and reusing. The team from CWL had a lot of rubbish from a birthday party and P1-3 were able to show the team how to recycle or reuse the rubbish that was generated, either at home or at local recycling centres. Everything was either recycled or reused, well done P1-3!

P4-5 (ages 7-9) engaged brilliantly with a workshop that centred on the topic of climate change, more specifically the global warming effect. P4-5 were amazing in remembering that Carbon Dioxide is one of the most abundant and potent greenhouse gases. P4-5 were able to act out the process of global warming by becoming the earth, cars, planes, wind turbines and power stations. They were able to understand what causes global warming, but more importantly they learnt what can be done to combat greenhouse gas emissions, i.e. electric cars and renewable energy.

The final activity of the day gave P6-7 (ages 10-12) the chance to build model turbines out of the recycled and reused material from P1-3. The students went straight to work in building the turbines, in doing so they got a hands on experience of the important parts of a turbine, how they work and why they are important in combatting climate change. CWL were blown away by the student’s engineering skills, it was impressive to see how accurate the turbines were in a short amount of time.

We hope that the students enjoyed the activities just as much as we did, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Kelloholm Primary School, as well as surrounding schools in the future.

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