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CWL delighted to deliver talks on renewable energy & climate change at Moffat Academy - 1st October

Moffat Primary

Last week employees from Community Windpower Ltd (CWL) attended Moffat Academy to deliver educational lessons covering climate change, renewable energy and wind energy to pupils.

Rebecca and Ben from the CWL Projects Team were warmly welcomed into Moffat Academy for a whole day of activities and presentations. The lessons were delivered to P4-P7 pupils with each class receiving a short presentation and then multiple activities for the pupils to get involved with.

The day started in P4 (age 7-8) where they were taught about renewable and non-renewable energy and what they can do to reduce their energy consumption. The children then had an activity book to work through including an energy word search and a quiz. CWL were impressed with how well P4 completed the activities and showed off their knowledge about lots of different types of energy.

P5 (age 8-9) engaged brilliantly in their lesson centred around renewable and non-renewable energy. CWL then introduced the class to wind turbines and explained briefly how they work. The whole class then helped to build some turbines and decided where they should be placed in the landscape on our interactive landscape model.

After lunch P6 (age 9-10) were taught about climate change and its effects before looking at wind turbines in a bit more detail. P6 were then able to act out the process of global warming by becoming the earth, cars, planes and wind turbines. Using our turbine model they built some turbines and decided where they should be placed in the landscape thinking about all the different constraints. The children were keen to get involved in the activity and applied their knowledge of where a turbine should be placed excellently.

The final activity of the day gave P7 (age 10-11) an opportunity to find out about different engineering jobs they could go into as part of their maths and engineering week. A quick test gave each child an idea of which role they might fit best and gave them a description of what the role involved. The children were then excited to learn more about renewable energy, wind power and wind turbines and the location requirements required. They demonstrated their understanding of the different types of renewable energy, and also gained an idea of the different types of jobs and careers which might be available to them in the future, i.e. environmental engineers, electrical engineers and chemical engineers.

We hope that the students enjoyed the activities just as much as we did, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Moffat Academy, as well as surrounding schools, as part of our educational benefits for the schools surrounding our operational and proposed wind farms.

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