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CWL contribution supports meal campaign and Junior Chef outreach

Pete Food Bank

Community Windpower, through BeGreen Dalry, has provided support to North Ayrshire Foodbank (NA Foodbank) for over a decade. This year was no different, with a £3,000 contribution from CWL that supported NA Foodbank’s amazing ‘Make a Meal of It’ and ‘Junior Chef’ programmes.

Based in Ardrossan’s Church of Nazarene, NA Foodbank is an invaluable lifeline for many, with over 9,200 three-day emergency food supplies given out to people in crisis last year. Aside from these emergency supplies, NA Foodbank has also devised outreach campaigns targeted specifically to families and children across North Ayrshire.

The ‘Make a Meal of It’ campaign is an on-site club organised by the Foodbank that unites healthy, substantial meals with a daily fun activity for those that attend. Over the 6-week campaign, over 2,100 meals were provided alongside amazing activities such as cinema trips, arts and crafts, days out to the park and pet visits. The ‘Junior Chef’ campaign benefitted whole households, with weekly deliveries to families consisting of ingredients and recipe cards, and online Zoom support to teach essential cooking skills.

Craig Crosthwaite, Development Manager at NA Foodbank, said: “The impact is essentially two-fold. That is reducing hunger and reducing household stress. It is hoped that the online sessions also create an opportunity for networking and the temporary support of a community cooking together.”

An average of 15 households were supported each week through the ‘Junior Chef’ programme, however the benefits will echo for years to come. CWL were delighted to provide this support, and please stay tuned to hear about this year’s upcoming Christmas Hamper programme, also organised through the amazing NA Foodbank!

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