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CWL community funding purchases gazebo for Belhaven Surf Club

Belhaven Gazebo

As surfing events take place on beaches, and usually far from the busiest areas of civilisation, it is necessary for event officials and surf club team members to have a safe place to take refuge from faster winds, harsher rain, and bright sun in the summer.

Based in Dunbar, Belhaven Surf Club was established in December 2021, as a part of Belhaven Surf Centre. They seek children from all backgrounds to become members of their club, and alongside this ethos they also champion being environmentally friendly and sustainable, engaging in regular beach cleans.

Their new gazebo, purchased using community benefits funding from Community Windpower (through BeGreen Dunbar), was utilised recently at the Junior National Surfing Championships. The event highlighted the importance of youth surfing in the Dunbar region and across the rest of Scotland. Used not only for this important event, the gazebo will be used for other charitable events in the future where Belhaven Surf Club need an identifiable tent and stall.

A member of the team from Belhaven Surf Club, speaking about the new gazebo, said: “It creates a location that can keep judges dry and out of the elements if judging an event from the middle of a beach. It can also provide a base for the team to locate themselves and manage other event activities. It will be invaluable.”

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