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CWL are delighted to support Sanquhar Academy & confirm Memorandum of Understanding with the Academy


Community Windpower Ltd is proud to support Sanquhar Academy’s National 5 Skills for Work: Energy Course.

The National 5 Energy Course provides students with a basis of understanding that allows for progression into further education or for progressing directly into training or employment within the energy sector. Students explore various UK-based energy industries and develop their practical skills by building small scale systems, including small scale wind turbines. This allows the students to develop employability skills that can then help suggest the best career path for them within the energy sector.

CWL will be providing educational presentations as part of the course, as well as providing stationary and funding interactive wind turbine kits for the students to use.

CWL have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Sanquhar Academy which confirms Community Windpowers commitment to work with Sanquhar Academy for the full lifetime of the wind farms in the vicinity.

Principal Teacher Emily Lockhart stated “The Energy Course is providing a new and much needed Skills for Work course which also fits so well with job opportunities in our local area. The pupils will be developing a host of employability skills while developing hand skills and working closely with people who work in the energy sector”.

Headteacher Tom Snow added “I'm delighted that Sanquhar Academy is working in partnership with Community Windpower Ltd to deliver this fantastic course to our students and assist in our commitment to the 'Developing the Young Workforce Programme’”.

CWL are committed to the communities surrounding their consented Sanquhar Community Wind Farm and proposed Sanquhar ‘Six’ and Spango Community Wind Farms.

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