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CWL are delighted to continue their commitment to Upper Nithsdale through their wind farm projects


CWL are delighted to continue their support and commitment to local groups in the Upper Nithsdale area as part of their consented Sanquhar Community Wind Farm and the two proposed wind farms of Sanquhar ‘Six’ and Spango. Since the start of 2015, Community Windpower have supported the following local projects and events to a level of over £5,500.

Sanquhar and District Community Action Plan
Financial support was made to the Sanquhar and District Community Action Plan and their local survey. The survey allowed local people to identify key local issues and to aid service providers on how better to target resources. CWL attended the launch of this Action Plan at the ‘Sanquhar Past, Present and Future’ Event on Friday 4th September which was a fantastic evening showcasing the very best of the areas rich history.

Sanquhar Riding of the Marches Event
CWL were delighted to support the Sanquhar Riding of The Marches Association with a community benefit donation made towards the event. We attended the event with our information stand which was a huge success with the company’s car used by ‘Flying Ryan’ for his stunts and long distance jumps.

Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Children’s Gala
In June, we were thrilled to support the events held for the Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Children’s Gala and funded the bagpipe rock band Drums N’ Roses for the concert on the Eve of the Children’s Gala held at Kelloholm Primary School. The concert was a massive success and representatives from Community Windpower who attended the concert thoroughly enjoyed themselves. CWL are also funding the children’s rides at the forthcoming Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Christmas Lights this year.

Nithsdale Times
The Nithsdale Times has been revived and Community Windpower was proud to provide a grant to cover start-up costs. The grant funding was used to purchase a professional computer with publishing programme, a photocopier, office rental and supplies. The fortnightly publication is a great way to inform local people about local news and is a valuable local resource.

Sanquhar Academy
Sanquhar Academy’s National 5 Skills for Work: Energy Course is proudly supported by Community Windpower. The National 5 Energy Course provides students with a basis of understanding that allows for progression into further education or for progressing directly into training or employment within the energy sector. Students explore various UK-based energy industries and develop their practical skills by building small scale systems, including small scale wind turbines. This allows students to develop employability skills that can then help suggest the best career path for them within the energy sector. CWL will be delivering educational presentations in October as part of the course, following on from providing interactive wind turbine kits and stationery, which were donated in August. These kits provide real ‘hands on’ turbine experiences for the students to use in class. CWL have also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Academy showing their long term commitment to Sanquhar Academy.

AMD Contract Services Ltd
Through the appointment of a major civil works contract for the consented Sanquhar Community Wind Farm, AMD Contract Services Limited have been able to both create further jobs for local people and expand their fleet of plant. As a direct result of the work involved on the construction of the wind farm, AMD Contract Services have been able to employ 6 extra staff and 2 additional CITB apprentices, all from the local area. The Company’s total head count of employees now stands at 60, with a hope to increase this to 65 by the end of 2015.

Community Windpower’s Local Wind Farm Projects
CWL have three projects in the Upper Nithsdale region all at different stages of the development process. Our 12 turbine consented Sanquhar Community Wind Farm is currently undergoing construction on the access track with local plant company AMD awarded the £1 million contract. Our 6 turbine extension to this project Sanquhar ‘Six’ Community Wind Farm project is currently in planning with Dumfries and Galloway Council and will be decided by the end of September. Finally, our 14 turbine Spango project will be determined by planning committee on Wednesday 23rd September. Spango, if consented, would provide £6 million in community benefits over 25 years and would continue investment and employment in the local area.

The three combined projects if all consented and built would provide the area with £10.2 million in community benefits over 25 years. Alongside this, the construction work and annual maintenance required would provide significant investment for local contractors and local businesses.

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