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Covid-19 fund supports care workers in North Ayrshire

Covid-19 fund North Ayrshire

When North Ayrshire Council Social Care approached us about supporting its fund to buy 1,000 digital laser thermometers, we were delighted to help through our Covid-19 crisis fund.

The infra-red thermometers will be supplied to the entire Care at Home staff group and colleagues across care homes in North Ayrshire.

This is a piece of equipment, that has never had to be supplied to staff before but will be invaluable to care workers as it will allow them to better assess the possible symptoms of service users and residents of care homes.

Through the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, we’ve provided North Ayrshire Council Social Care with £10,000 towards the total cost.

This will be used to buy 150 of the 1,000 thermometers needs, to enable carers to quickly and easily establish the presence of fever, whilst exercising best practice in relation to infection control.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, which operates Millour Hill and Dalry Community Wind Farms, said: “Together with the Robert Barr, John Smith and the other members of the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust we’ve agreed to this funding to North Ayrshire Council Social Care.

“Care workers in North Ayrshire do a fantastic job and we’re pleased to be able to help them secure essential equipment to keep them safe while working, through our Covid-19 crisis fund.

“We know the money is going to make a difference right where it’s needed and help those in most need of our support during this pandemic.”

Robert Barr, chairperson at the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, said: “With the recent virus outbreak we agreed with the parent company to ring fence £65,000 to assist group’s that are assisting the general public in any way during this unprecedented crisis.

“I would like to thank the management team from Community Windpower for their assistance with us in setting this up.”

The North Ayrshire Covid-19 crisis fund, managed by the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, is currently accepting individual applications of up to £2,500, although this is subject to review and will depend on each case.

For more information on the North Ayrshire fund, applications should contact John Smith at the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust on 07768 017 864 or email

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