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Covid-19 crisis fund supports NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Covid-19 fund North Ayrshire

With all areas of the NHS under strain due to the impact of Covid-19, outside support is something that is always much appreciated.

Previously the Covid-19 crisis fund from Community Windpower and Dalry Parish Boundary Trust in North Ayrshire has supported medical charities, including Marie Curie, along with care homes and North Ayrshire Council Social Care team.

The fund recently received an application for funding to purchase nine digital thermometers to help NHS staff have more equipment to take the temperature of patients.

The £100 thermometers will be split between Ayrshire Central Hospital in Irvine, and the outpatient department at University Hospital Crosshouse in Kilmarnock.

The Welch Allyn pro 6000 thermometers are recommended by the hospitals’ Medical Physics Department, which is part of NHS Ayrshire and Arran.

Both hospitals require further thermometers in order to facilitate what is now a normal requirement as part of routine clinical checks.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, which operates Millour Hill and Dalry Community Wind Farms, said: “Together with the Robert Barr, John Smith and the other members of the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust we’ve agreed to this funding to support both Ayrshire Central and Crosshouse Hospitals.

“The NHS has faced significant challenges in the last five months, and the staff who work there have done an incredible job of caring for those with Covid-19 and also those who need different medical help.

“It’s only right that we do our best to help them, where we can, which meant this application was received and approved very quickly.

“Our joint Covid-19 crisis fund in North Ayrshire, with the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, will continue to support our NHS and provide funding when and where it can.”

The North Ayrshire Covid-19 crisis fund, managed by the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, is currently accepting individual applications of up to £2,500, although this is subject to review and will depend on each case.

For more information on the North Ayrshire fund, applications should contact John Smith at the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust on 07768 017 864 or email

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