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COVID-19 Crisis Fund helps Belhaven Surf Centre to meet increased capacity needs.

Hot Showers

Due to an explosion of interest in surfing and water sports, the existing water tank at Belhaven Surf Centre no longer meets their capacity needs. The current water tank delivers hot water, heated via an air source pump, to the outdoor showers, but now the centre need an additional tank to cope with the daily increase in visitors.

The shower facilities, provided by The Wave Project, will enhance the amenity of the Centre, as hygiene is a key consideration, especially during the Covid-19 crisis.

The maintenance and ability to meet users’ needs is more important than ever, due to the continued mental health support being provided to help change lives through surfing and surf therapy. As well as the popularity generated amongst both adults and children, from Dunbar, East Lothian and from wider afield, who are wanting to enjoy time at the beach or try something new.

This increase in visitors has made it difficult for the Surf Centre to keep up with the annual maintenance costs, as they are exceeding the shower revenue. Therefore, it is essential for a new tank to be installed, to meet the needs of all users. With the help of a £1,400 grant from Community Windpower and BeGreen, the charity endeavors to work with all local community groups.

Community Windpower has worked with Belhaven Surf Centre multiple times over the last year, notably by donating a £10,000 grant to help with the Surf Centre community building and £1,818 to aid with equipment to help them operate despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, said: “The Surf Centre has proved to be beneficial for the whole community, by offering amazing support through water sports, surfing and surf therapy.”

“It is so important that the centre can cope with the increased capacity and so new amenities, such as the new water tank, will help them cope with increased numbers and continue their fantastic work.”

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