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Concerns arise for jobs at CS Wind Cambletown, Scotland

80% of CS Wind’s workforce to be cut due to gaps in orders. This will deliver a huge blow to the local economy of Cambletown and investment in Scotland.

CS Wind, based in Cambletown, fabricate tower sections and foundations for wind turbines.

Despite meetings with unions, the Scottish Government and CS Wind management, the plans for an 80% reduction in workforce are likely to continue.

Unite union has reacted furiously to the news and heavily criticised the Scottish and UK Governments for the “minimal” manufacturing work awarded to Scottish renewable energy suppliers.

In 2013, CWL signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with CS Wind. This agreement was for CWL to use CS Wind for manufacturing turbine tower sections for all future wind farm projects at CWL. The MoU, which is still in place, has a very clear aim to keep investment in Scotland and ensure CS Wind has a reliable order stream.

CWL have used CS Wind for the operational Sanquhar Community Wind Farm and will utilise CS Wind for the construction of Sneddon Law and Aikengall IIa, over 100 tower sections manufactured in Scotland by CS Wind.

The MoU will still be in place to manufacture 285 tower sections used for the 50 turbine Sanquhar II Scheme and 45 turbine Faw Side schemes, if approved.

CWL are proud to support CS Wind through the MoU and urge more developers to follow suit and fully commit to investing in Scotland through CS Wind to ensure jobs are saved.


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