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Community Windpower thanks all who attended Scoop Hill Additional Information public exhibitions

Scoop Exhibition

As part of the planning and public engagement process, Community Windpower have completed four public exhibitions for the Additional Information submission of the Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm development. The exhibitions were held in August in Johnstonebridge, Boreland, Moffat, and Beattock.

The scheme, 5km south-east of Moffat, is comprised of 60 turbines and a battery energy storage system, however the scheme was originally submitted in November 2020 as a 75-turbine scheme; during the original consultation period, comments were raised by consultees and local residents, primarily relating to landscape and visual impacts, residential amenity, cultural heritage, dark skies, and ornithology.

The submission of Additional Information, in August 2023, addresses these comments and recommendations. The proposed Scoop Hill Community Wind Farm will generate 432 megawatts (MW) of green electricity per year, offsetting over 29 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over its 40-year operational lifetime.

The public exhibition events gave the communities the opportunity to view the updated proposal and learn more about any design changes which have taken place since 2020. Held in Johnstonebridge Community Centre, Boreland Village Hall, Moffat Town Hall, and Beattock Village Hall throughout the month of August, the exhibition events were well attended, and we extend our sincere thanks to those who took the time to visit. For anyone who was unable to attend the exhibitions, please visit, where you can find a link to the new Virtual Exhibition, and all of the Additional Information documentation is available there too.

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