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Community Windpower Supporting Scottish Supply Chains


It was interesting to hear that Scotland’s Energy Minister’s ‘patience was wearing thin’,  with offshore wind farm developers – who happily take the Scottish Government support, but then do not support the Scottish Supply chain with valuable contracts.

Community Windpower has been supporting the Scottish Supply chains for years, our operational onshore wind farms have heavily featured local Scottish companies in their construction; we are proud of this fact. Through our ‘Buy-Scottish’ policy we have created and secured high quality jobs in the green construction sector with civil and electrical engineering contracts with Scottish firms such as; RJ Mcleod, Scottish Power and AMD Contract Services. New apprenticeships have been formed, providing secure local jobs, which benefit the whole of the area. Scottish fabricated steel towers from CS Wind UK in Argyle, have been used on our projects, and we are working with Scottish Steel suppliers to provide the steel plate, rather than import from overseas. .

More locally to the actual wind farm local skills and trades are used during the construction in fencing, drainage and other enabling works. Local maintenance teams are employed during the prolonged operational period of the wind farm, ensuring that the infrastructure is kept in good order.

All these elements ensure that there is significant investment in Scotland not just during the development and construction of the renewable assets, but during the lengthy operational period too.

Perhaps the Minister should look more inland for the real Scottish supply chain benefits – these are occurring now and are significant. Perhaps support for the onshore wind industry could be extended past the Scottish Government’s general support for renewables and allow onshore wind to compete in the CfD market; now that would bring a great return for the Scottish Treasury – local rates; more jobs and investement.

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