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Community Windpower provides 12,455 for West Barns Village Hall solar installation

West Barns

Renovated in 2021 and sitting on the outskirts of Dunbar, West Barns Village Hall is used for bingo, yoga, fitness classes, gymnastics lessons, and many other activities. It also plays host to regular playgroups, Rainbow and Brownies meetings, dance events, and surgeries for local Councillors.

Despite the extensive recent renovation, the managing volunteers at West Barns Village Hall approached BeGreen Dunbar, which distributes CWL’s Aikengall wind farm array community benefits, for a grant to install efficient solar panels on the south and east facing part of the building’s roof. Two 5kW batteries will also be installed using this grant, as well as other electrical cabling, meters, switches, and inverters.

Mark James, of West Barns Village Hall, said: “I am delighted for West Barns Community Hall to be able to install solar panels and batteries. We are very grateful for the invaluable support of BeGreen. We are showing our hall can produce clean green energy. Not only will it reduce our carbon footprint, it will reduce our bills too.” 

Anouska Woods, Community Coordinator at BeGreen Dunbar, said: “For us at BeGreen and Community Windpower, promoting the use of clean, efficient energy is incredibly important for us, and that is why we were very keen to provide this grant. This village hall is a very important community space, and we are excited to see how the works progress in coming months!”

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