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Community Windpower provide iPads for Dalry Primary School iBeacon Project - 11th April 2016

Daly PS receiving iPads

Community Windpower (CWL) are delighted to be supporting Dalry Primary school with their innovative iBeacon project and recently donated a selection of iPads to the school.

The use of iBeacon technology to support classroom teaching is a unique initiative in Scotland and through this joint project, it is hoped that this will be used as a case study and rolled out across the Scotland over the years to come. CWL were delighted to donate an iPad Air2 64Gb and two iPad Minis 32Gb towards the project and we look forward to seeing the iBeacon project in action very soon once the software has been set-up and staff training completed.

iBeacons are a new technology utilising iPads that can be used indoors and outdoors to deliver cross-curricular learning. iBeacons work much like orienteering; the iBeacon uses Bluetooth to transmit a universally unique transmitter that can be picked up by any compatible device - an iPad. The identifier can determine the devices location and this triggers a location based action such as a video, quiz or challenge on the device; it can then be used to ’unlock’ the clue to the next iBeacon.

Dalry Primary School has identified PE and Health and Wellbeing as a target focus for this year and will use the iBeacon technology to accommodate a range of learning experiences. The content can even be tailored to the correct level for the learner. The project will provide specific learning as planned by the teachers but in a new, enhancing and engaging way.

The iBeacon project at Dalry Primary School is also being supported by Education Scotland and Active Schools. Education Scotland is procuring staff training, software support and additional iPads, whilst Active Schools will provide specialist content for the lessons. 

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