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Community Windpower Ltd proud to support the Global Climate Strike 20th September 2019


Following the Northern Rebellion Event earlier this month, Community Windpower attended the exceptional Global Climate Strike in Manchester. Over 150 countries took part and we were proud to stand alongside thousands of protestors in Manchester.

School is important, but so is my future” was a powerful quote from student Jessica Ahmed, 16 when she spoke at a protest taking place at Westminster on Friday.

What started as a global school strike turned into one of the biggest climate protests in the world which involved organisations, charities, schools, students, politicians and members of the public around the globe.

Protests were demonstrated from over 200 areas of the UK including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Chester and London. Community Windpower were proud to be a part of the thousands that protested for climate justice in Manchester.

Organisations such as Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace and the Green Party were at the event as well as many more. It was refreshing to see shared values and we are interested to see how these shared values can pioneer positive and effective change.

This of course was a global strike, and we were joined all around the world by the 100,000 in London, to the 350,000 people in Australia. It was awe-inspiring to see such amazing levels of support for the climate and strong, positive support for the renewable energy industry too.

As a company, we are proud to be participating in the fight against climate change and are looking forward to seeing our projects joining the fight by reducing carbon emissions.

Faw Side Community Wind Farm could power 328,400 homes and displace over 571,000 tonnes of carbon each year if consented. Furthermore, our Sanquhar II development will provide clean power for a further 364,000 homes and displace over 634,500 tonnes of carbon each year; a combined total of 1.2 million tonnes of carbon being saved each year for the next 35 years, and clean, green electricity for nearly 700,000 homes.

To support our projects as an effective method of reducing the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, please sign our letters of support for these two applications: Faw Side here and Sanquhar II here.

More information on these projects can be found at and

More information can be found on the following link:

BBC news article (A)  BBC News article (B).

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