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Community Windpower Ltd is proudly supporting Friends of the Earth - 2nd February

Friends of the Earth

Community Windpower Ltd has been proudly supporting Friends of the Earth’s great work through funding provided to the Friends of the Earth Trust, which has been used to fund numerous projects to help tackle two of the most urgent problems facing the planet; a massive decline in nature and climate change.

One project to help prevent the massive decline in nature is their “The Bee Cause”, which hopes to save Britain’s bees and other vital pollinators. Friends of the Earth have worked closely in partnership with scientists, other groups, businesses and the general public on projects such as creating 200 Bee Worlds and developing a free phone app to monitor bees. The work on this project aims to continue into 2015 to strengthen the campaign to save Britain’s Bees and to secure the government’s commitment to encourage further success.

In order to tackle climate change, the ‘Run on Sun’ campaign was launched, which aims to bring about a seismic shift in locally owned renewable energy, specifically local schools. The project aims to make it easier for schools to run on solar power.  So far, 15,000 people have signed up in support of Run on Sun, with 700 schools expressed an interest in going solar.

Other successes in 2014 for Friends of the Earth include ‘A vote for wildlife’; meaning the culling of beavers could result in legal action, the UK is still frack-free due to the high opposition of local communities and being one step closer to getting strong legislation on sustainable development in Wales.

As a renewable energy company we are proud that some of the funding provided to Friends of the Earth continues to tackle climate change. 2015 aims to be an important year with the United Nations Paris summit. This will provide an opportunity for Friends of the Earth to ensure that wealthy industrialised nations play their fair part in cutting carbon emissions quicker while helping developing countries tackle climate change and adapt to its impact. 

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