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Community Windpower leads a week-long project at Helsby High School

Millie and Grace Cropped

In December 2022, in the final week before the end of the Winter term, Community Windpower organised an enriching week-long remote work experience project for 8 A-Level geography students at Helsby High School, which is a mere 2-minute walk away from our Head Office in Cheshire.

The project revolved around a site-selection task, where the students selected a suitable site for a hypothetical wind farm development. Using printed maps with different ‘layers’ of information, such as locations of rivers, locations of forestry, wind speeds, and OS designations, the students discarded impossible sites and set their eyes on a couple of options which were more feasible.

The task was tailored specifically to give the students a realistic idea of what it is like to pursue a career in renewable energy. On a day-to-day basis, Project Assistants and Project Managers undertake similar assessments to find viable areas of land for further renewable energy developments. The students were then rewarded with site layout plans, which showed possible arrangements of turbines, and they were asked to choose the most ideal design and construct a presentation on why they chose the specific site.

The members of CWL’s Project Team then visited Helsby High School to watch the student’s presentations, asking questions to understand why the students disregarded certain sites and layouts, and what they found most valuable from the week’s work experience. Feedback was glowing. The students remarked that the week was a valuable insight into the working world and a career in renewable energy. Further education in geography is a popular option if you want to pursue a career in renewable energy, and we hope that we have inspired the next generation of workers to join our thriving and rewarding industry.

DeAnna Wooler, Project Manager at Community Windpower and central organiser of the project, said: “We were delighted to deliver this project at Helsby High School and provide the students with something completely new and immersive to give them a glimpse into what we do on a day-to-day basis. We are glad that it ended their school term on a high note, and we were very pleased with the progress that the students made. They made quick work of selecting a preferred layout, and they worked very well in their teams to justify their decision and present their reasoning back to us. We hope the students enjoy the rest of their school year and we wish them all the best with their future studies.”


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