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Community Windpower joins UK HFCA


Today, Community Windpower Ltd have become the latest company to join the UK HFCA, aiming to help make the UK the best place for hydrogen and fuel cells across all applications and opportunities.

The UK HFCA, now 35+ members strong, are helping to create the power of a collective industry to promote the advancement of public and private sector policies to support hydrogen energy research, development, demonstration, and procurement.

Rod Wood, Managing Director at Community Windpower, said: “Community Windpower are delighted to be the newest member of the UK HFCA. We are excited to bring our industry knowledge to the round table.

“The UK’s Green Hydrogen Strategy has set the goal of 5GW of low carbon hydrogen production by 2030.

“Community Windpower are aiming to support the UK governments target by co-locating green hydrogen production facilities at our onshore wind farm developments.

“Green hydrogen production is key to diversifying, securing, and increasing the flexibility of the UK’s energy portfolio. This in turn will help us meet our ambitious net zero targets while simultaneously reducing energy costs for consumers”.

Despite the rise in renewable energy in recent years and the electrification of the transport industry, green hydrogen production is pivotal for the UK reaching its net zero climate targets.

Up to one third of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from central heating and 85% of homes use gas-fired central heating. By producing hydrogen from renewable sources, we can start to decarbonise the UK’s heating and transport sectors.

UK HFCA are hosting its first national hydrogen conference at the Birmingham NEC on June 28th covering the whole hydrogen landscape from production through to distribution to applications across transport, heat and power. It is expected to attract over 500 guests.


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