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Community Windpower grant kickstarts LED lighting fundraiser for Dunbar United


Originally founded in 1924, Dunbar United Football Club (DUFC) has a proud and rich history in Scottish Football. Currently, the club has two teams playing competitively, the senior squad in the East of Scotland First Division and the Under 20s in the Lowland Development League. The youth section of the club, DUFC Colts, also contains around 350 male and female players.

As a member of the Scottish Football Association, the club pitch is required to meet certain minimum lighting standards (200 lux) for floodlit matches to take place. However, DUFC has predicted their current lighting system to be falling short of this target by around 20%. Moreover, this outdated lighting system lacks replacement parts and is grossly inefficient, operating at a total load of 40KWH.

As the club focuses on progressing towards a more sustainable future, they are therefore seeking £25,000 in funding to replace the current 16 existing metal halide filament light fittings at their football ground, New Countess Park, and upgrade them with 12 LED powered units. The installation of the proposed LED units is predicted to reduce the lighting power consumption by 60%, from 40KWH to approximately 16KWH. The upgraded lighting will also improve the controlled level of illumination, helping to reduce light pollution to nearby houses and restrict glare spillage onto the main East Coast rail line.

As part of our commitment to the environment and developing our host communities, Community Windpower is therefore proud to announce that it will be providing £6,000 in funding, 25% of the proposed £25,000, to DUFC to assist with covering the cost of their new proposed energy efficient floodlight system. This grant was facilitated by BeGreen Dunbar, kickstarting the application process and demonstrating that it is a worthy cause for others to support. Recently, in May 2023, DUFC became the East of Scotland First Division champions! This is an incredible achievement, and we extend our congratulations to those at the club.

Dougie Gray, Board Member at DUFC, said: “The BeGreen funding has provided the following points to enable the Club moving forwards; the BeGreen award helped kick started the applications process for the LED lighting, this funding also demonstrated to other funding sources that DUFC were a worthy cause to assist. Additionally, having demonstrable funds ring fenced within the bank account specific to this project illustrates to other funding providers that the project is active, ongoing and worthy of support.”

Anouska Woods, Community Coordinator at BeGreen Dunbar, said: “We are delighted to be kickstarting the funding for Dunbar United Football Club’s new energy efficient lighting system. As a great local football club with a rich heritage, we understand the positive knock-on effect this upgraded system will have for the club members and the wider community.”

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