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Community Windpower fund Crunchy Carrot cargo e-bike storge facility.


Community Carrot Ltd, a community benefit society based in Dunbar, who own, operate, and trade as the Crunchy Carrot greengrocer and whole foods shop have received £1,480 from Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar.

The shop itself was bought by the community on 1st November 2019 and has almost 600 shareholders. The society prioritise the local, ethical sourcing of products and community services.

The society recently purchased an e-cargo bike with funding from the Community Climate Asset Fund for deliveries across the town centre. Crunchy Carrot hope to be using the e-cargo bike by the end of August but first need to install a storage facility.

Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar have provided £1,480 of funding for the purchase, delivery, and installation of a galvanised container to store the new electric bike.

The storage container was requested as a condition by the site owner to ensure the bike is kept safe from theft or damages. The funding provided by Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar is essential for the delivery of the Crunchy Carrot e-cargo bike.

Community Carrot Ltd are a climate conscious society and already make deliveries with their electric van. However, the new e-cargo bike adds to their electric vehicle portfolio and will help reduce electricity usage by reducing the number of journeys in the electric van.

Hannah Ewan, development officer at Crunchy Carrot said “Having an e-cargo bike is a daily visible way of promoting and normalising sustainable transport in Dunbar.

“We hope that having a high-profile electric vehicle in the town centre will act as a catalyst for others to consider making the switch, to help reduce carbon emissions.

“We are delighted with the funding from Community Windpower for this storage container as we need a safe and secure place to store the bike”.

Community benefits director at Community Windpower, Diane Wood said “We are delighted to support the Crunchy Carrot store, while simultaneously promoting the reduction in the towns carbon emissions.

“Supporting Community Carrot Limited was a must as they share a similar ethos to ours, promoting community support, local sourcing of goods and sustainable living.

“We hope by supporting the use of electric vehicles in Dunbar we can expose the wider community to more sustainable modes of transport”.

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