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Community Windpower Facilitate the Expansion of a Local Business - 29th January


Following our successful ‘Buy Scottish’ campaign and associated ‘Meet the Buyer’ events, in which a strong emphasis is based on creating jobs and economic growth in Scotland, Community Windpower is delighted to announce that they have awarded a substantial contract to local Scottish company, AMD Contract Services Limited.

Through the appointment of a major civil works contract for our latest Scottish investment, Sanquhar Community Wind Farm, AMD Contract Services Limited have been able to both create further jobs for local people and expand their fleet of plant.

As a direct result of the work involved on the construction of the wind farm, AMD Contract Services Limited have been able to employ 6 extra staff and 2 additional CITB apprentices, all from the local area. AMD Contract Services Limited’s total head count of employees now stands at 60, with a hope to increase this to 65 by the end of 2015.

Rod Wood, Community Windpower’s Managing Director said “I am delighted that AMD secured the contract and am very impressed with their workmanship. We are passionate about investing in Scotland and seeing both direct and indirect employment flowing from our renewable energy projects. This is an important investment for Sanquhar with £15m in community and economic benefits and this contract is the first of many

AMD Contract Services Ltd is an independent heavy equipment contractor who has been serving clients within South West Scotland for the past 48 years. As an independent local business, they understand local needs and requirements for employment and income, which consequently contributes to the local economy and supports many local suppliers.

Fraser Dykes, Director of AMD Contract Services Limited said “Thanks to renewable energy projects, and in particular, the work involved on Sanquhar Community Wind Farm, we have not only survived the Recession but have seen our company expand and develop. Community Windpower gave us the opportunity to take on the major civil works contract for their wind farm, something which is normally offered to bigger companies. Through this opportunity we have been able to provide a significant boost to the local economy, and train up members of the local community.”

The area of Sanquhar has seen, and will continue to see, a significant investment and boost to its economy as a result of Sanquhar Community Wind Farm. The wind farm has an initial investment value of £52 million and once operational, an annual investment value of £3 million (equivalent to £75 million over the life time of the wind farm).

Community Windpower is keen to maintain continuity of employment for local people in the area; both through our consented Sanquhar scheme, and through our nearby Spango scheme which is currently in planning with Dumfries & Galloway Council. If approved, Spango Community Wind Farm can further assist the expansion of many other local businesses, through potential construction, supply and operational opportunities.

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