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Community Windpower donate 2,500 to Dunbar Table Tennis Club

Dunbar Table Tennis Club

Dunbar Table Tennis Club is a non-profit, non-subscription organisation, where individuals of all ages and abilities can meet up, socialize, and play table tennis up to three nights a week. Originally a small group of players, the club’s membership has recently experienced dramatic growth. Whilst this is excellent news, the club now requires additional sporting equipment to support this rise in demand. As a non-profit organisation, however, funding to purchase such expensive equipment is very limited.

Community Windpower, through BeGreen Dunbar, are therefore delighted to announce that we will be providing Dunbar Table Tennis Club with a £2,500 donation to purchase much-needed additional equipment, including three new tennis tables, rackets and balls.

After spending the evening playing table tennis with the club, our BeGreen Dunbar Community Coordinator, Anouska Woods, said: “Dunbar Table Tennis Club is an incredibly fun and inclusive space to relax, chat and get some exercise. As an organisation passionate about developing grassroots sports and local communities, we are delighted to be providing funding to assist with this club’s growth.”

Neil Patterson, a representative from Dunbar Tennis Club, said: “On the behalf of all members, we would like to say thank you to BeGreen Dunbar and Community Windpower for the very generous donation to our club. The money has given us financial security for the future and will be used to buy new equipment to support both adult and junior players.”

To find out more information about Dunbar Table Tennis Club, please visit:


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