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Community Windpower continue their commitment to Education!


We are delighted to continue our commitment to education through educational workshops and guided wind farm visits!

Community Windpower Ltd (CWL) have been in the area of Sanquhar and Thornhill delivering educational workshops and guided wind farm visits highlighting the importance of renewable energy in Scotland.

On 19th September, Richard and Martin from CWL’s Project team visited Sanquhar Primary school’s P6 class to talk about renewable energy and wind turbines. We dived into how turbines work and why they are important for tackling climate change. Richard and Martin also demonstrated how wind energy works through a small model turbine, this turbine was connected to a generator which sent renewable electricity to a light bulb.

The class helped build the model turbines and we were impressed with the level of interest and knowledge of renewable energy in their area, so we awarded the whole class with a gold star! Well done P6!

CWL continued their educational assistance in the area and on Thursday 3rd October, they visited Wallace Hall Academy. We were thrilled to deliver an engineering workshop to National 5 - Engineering Science students (aged 15-17) followed by a guided tour of our Sanquhar Community Wind Farm to learn what it takes to be an engineer in the renewable energy industry.

The day began in the classroom where Richard from CWL’s Projects team introduced the planning process for onshore wind farms. The class used the case study of Sanquhar Community Wind Farm, the site they were due to visit that very day, and produced a brief site appraisal critiquing wind resource, environmental and technical constraints.

Andrew from CWL’s Technical team then detailed his role in the industry and what engineering roles are used throughout the design, construction and operational phases of a wind farm project.

The afternoon was the highlight of the day though when the students had the opportunity to visit Sanquhar Community Wind Farm – our most recent wind farm consisting of 9 turbines, generating up to 32.4MW of clean, green and locally sourced energy which is enough to power 30,000 homes.

These engineers of the future were accompanied by Thomas, CWL’s onsite Operational Supervisor who has a background in mechanical engineering with vast experience in the renewable energy and wind turbine industry. Thomas was able to give the students a wonderful insight into his day-to-day duties and various routes into the renewable energy industry.

We would like to thank all the students for making the day enjoyable through their passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of engineering. They listened, were fully engaged and continued to do so even in the cold climate on the exposed hills above Sanquhar!

We would also like to thank the teachers of Wallace Hall Academy that helped supervise and ensure a smooth visit. We look forward to continuing this wonderful partnership and delivering more workshops and wind farms visits to support the students of Wallace Hall Academy.

Community Windpower are proud to support primary schools, secondary schools and colleges local to our 7 operational wind farms, and our proposed projects which are in the planning process. We look forward to continuing our support for education for pupils and students in Scotland.


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