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Community Windpower are proud to have a Service Level Agreement with Ayrshire College - 20th April

Ayrshire College

Community Windpower are proud to now have in place a Service Level Agreement with Ayrshire College.

Rhys and Andrew were the first 2 students to visit Community Windpower for 2 weeks on work placement from Ayrshire College, where they spent time both in the office and on site at our wind farms gaining valuable experience of what it is like to work for a renewable energy company. 

Rhys Mcdicken highlighted that the experience was "very informative and opened my mind to alternative routes in the industry", whilst Andrew Brown "thoroughly enjoyed my time with CWP. I have learned a lot and I am very sure this will benefit myself for future employment". 

Andrew emphasised that the "the placement has given me a brilliant insight into the bigger picture of operations from beginning to the end, which will benefit me greatly". 

We wish them both the best with their future studies and look forward to the next placements from Ayrshire College. 


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