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Community benefit fund supports Dunbar Against Litter

Dunbar Against Litter

As Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar’s Covid-19 crisis fund continues to support those most impacted by the pandemic in East Lothian, our community benefit fund is still supporting other local organisations.

Dunbar Against Litter (DAL) has recently been granted £1,000 to support the fantastic work it’s doing in Dunbar and the surrounding areas.

The money will go towards the £4,500 the group needs to purchase more bins, hi-vis vests, dog poo bags and litter picking equipment to continue the fight against litter in and around Dunbar.

It continues the link between the group and Community Windpower and BeGreen Dunbar, following a book sale hosted at the BeGreen shop in 2019, which raised £250.

The voluntary group was set up in 2017 to help make the environment a safer and nicer place to live in.

It currently has more than 800 like-minded people who work with the likes of East Lothian Council, Zero Waste Dunbar as well as businesses and individuals in Dunbar to dispose of litter responsibly.

Volunteers go out and pick up litter from the streets, beaches, countryside and roadside, before disposing of it in a responsible manner.

Dunbar Against Litter also wants to spread the word and get people on board because raising awareness can change behaviour.

Through a project called ‘Adopting-a-Street’ the group is asking people to help clean up an area of the town.

The group will assist any volunteers by providing litter picking equipment and also advise where full bags can be dropped off for regularly collection.

Additionally, the group has litter bins in areas that the Council cannot reach, which are emptied regularly by volunteers.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, which operates the Aikengall Community Wind Farms in East Lothian, said: “Groups like Dunbar Against Litter are the heartbeat of our local communities, and we’re pleased to support the fight against litter.

“With hundreds of people committing time and effort to the cause, we didn’t hesitate when the application came through.

“We hope by working together, everyone can help make Dunbar and the surrounding areas a place where litter is only left in the many bins provided.”

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