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Community benefit fund helps keep children hydrated and safe at school

Water bottles at Dalry schools

Hundreds of children at primary schools in Dalry have been given something new to mark their return to the classroom, thanks to a kind donation from a local wind farm company.

Every pupil at both Dalry and St Palladius Primary Schools received brand new reusable water bottles this month, to guarantee everyone has their own drinking container, particularly in light of the Covid-19 rules.

The 500 water bottles were purchased through funding from the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, which manages the community benefit fund from Community Windpower’s Millour Hill Community Wind Farms, near Dalry.

St Palladius Primary School’s head teacher, Pamela McCallum, said: “We’re delighted with these new safe and reusable water bottles we often find pupils have varying types of water bottles, some not always in the best condition.

“On behalf of the school I can’t thank Dalry Parish Boundary Trust and Community Windpower for their continued support to the school and pupils.”

‘Ranger Pete’, who helped coordinate the purchase of the water bottles, went along to the schools to see the children’s reaction.

Dalry Primary School’s depute head teacher, Louise Mulvey, said: “The school has a longstanding relationship with Community Windpower and Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, and once again we’re thankful for this wonderful donation.

“Our pupils’ welfare and education are paramount, and we are grateful for this support to ensure we can provide a positive experience for all children.”

While there are a number of spare bottles, it’s hoped the majority will last the whole school year.

A number of children from both schools commented on their new water bottles.

St Palladius Primary School children quotes:

"It's great how we got the water bottles for free. It's good that everyone got a water bottle and they can use them inside and outside of school.”

“I think the water bottles are great because they are squishy.”

“They're really good because we need to drink water during the day.” 

“The water bottles are fabulous!” 

“Thank you Community Windpower and Boundary Trust.” 

Dalry Primary School children quotes:

Emie from the Eco Committee: “The water bottles were amazing, and it means that everyone has a bottle to bring to school to help reduce the use of plastic. We have all put our names on them so that we do not get mixed up. Thank you Ranger Pete and we hope you can visit the school soon.”

Daisy thinks the bottles are cool: “It means we can all have water to bring to school and not buy new bottles in the shops, so we reduce the amount of plastic we are buying in Dalry.”

Erin loves her water bottle she thinks: “It looks nice and it is nice that everyone has the same one.”

Calvin loves his bottle: “It is easy to drink out of.”

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, which operates the Millour Hill and Dalry Community Wind Farms in North Ayrshire, said: “Alongside Dalry Parish Boundary Trust we’re focused on providing a wide range of support to the local communities around our wind farms in North Ayrshire.

“Our community benefit funds have supported both schools for many years and we’re delighted we can continue this during a time of uncertainty for everyone with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We’ve been an intrinsic part of the local community for 13 years with our Dalry and Millour Hill Community Wind Farms, supporting schools, organisations, charities and children, and we will continue to be so for many years to come.”

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