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Community benefit fund helps Dalry children learn new skills

Dalry Primary School's Arran trip 2020

Earlier this year, before Covid-19 struck, we helped children from Dalry Primary School attend the school’s annual residential outdoor learning experience.

While the trip was in January and the weather might have been unforgiving, it didn't stop the intrepid youngsters and their teachers set sail for the educational stay at Arran Outdoor Centre.

It was made possible thanks to £8,000 from Dalry Parish Boundary Trust, which is funded from Community Windpower’s Millour Hill Community Wind Farm’s community benefit fund.

We’re now looking back at how the Primary 7 pupils enjoyed the experience and what they did while on their week-long adventure.

“This brilliant experience encouraged teamwork and the pupils to push their personal expectations, develop an appreciation of the outdoors and coastline, manage risks and take personal responsibility,” explained Depute Head Teacher Louise Mulvey.

“Without this Community Windpower and Dalry Parish Boundary Trust donation the trip would not have been possible, and we thank Dalry Parish Boundary Trust for supporting us.”

The cost at £240 per child is outstanding value, but can be beyond some families, which is why Community Windpower and the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust support it.

Community Windpower’s community benefits director, Diane Wood, said: “The school tries to undertake this trip annually and we’re always happy to contribute because educational experiences of this type are such an important addition to the school curriculum.

“We’re delighted that the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust agreed to contribute such a large sum and hope the trip helped the children make lifetime memories, something that is so important to pupils given the disruption to schools amid the battle to halt Covid-19.”

Here’s what some of those Dalry Primary youngsters made of their trip.

Our Arran Adventures

On Monday we met in the gym hall at 8am to get the bus at 8.30am and then we got on the ferry at 9.45am.

On Tuesday we woke up to the sound of music and had a great breakfast of cereal, eggs, bacon, sausages, beans and toast. After breakfast we went to the King’s Cave where we had lunch. It was very nice and we also had toasted marshmallows.

We were woken by music again on Wednesday and went straight to the forest to do conservation work. Then we went to the beach and saw some seals and got to go under a waterfall. Afterwards we went back to the centre for dinner and supper. Yummy.

On Thursday morning we went to Brodick Castle to do orienteering and came third. It took 15 minutes to do it. Then we went mountain biking, went to a castle and cycled some tricky trails. The disco was on Thursday night with DJ Tom. 

We would like to thank the people who supported us and would love to go again!

By Theo and Jack



On Monday 13th of January Dalry Primary School’s P7 went to Arran Outdoor for a residential trip. They went by bus to Ardrossan Harbour for the 9.45am ferry to Brodick. After a ferry trip they arrived at 10.30am and the buses from the centre picked them up.

After a tour of the centre and lunch we went a walk. Due to bad weather we didn’t do night activity, we had team games. After supper we were in bed for 10pm.


On Tuesday we were woken by music through the tannoy. We headed to the cafeteria for breakfast. The options were a cooked breakfast or cereal and toast. The lunch options were a roll with meat or salad, crisps, fruit and biscuit. We put our lunch in our rucksacks along with our fleece, sweets, water bottle and spare clothes. Then we met our instructor. Two of the groups went to King’s Cave. We learned the history behind the cave and roasted marshmallows. We then headed back to the buses and went to a castle. Our night activity was orienteering at the centre.


After breakfast we discussed where we were going and what we would be doing. Our usual instructor was Daryl, but we had Nina. She took the blue group seal watching and to the beach for a challenge. If you didn’t pick up three pieces of litter and put it in the bin, you couldn’t go on the bus! After lunch we cut rhododendrons. We had to get gloves, goggles and loppers.

Back at the centre we had dinner and then a night walk. We saw the stars and how our eyes adjust to the dark. We then walked back to the centre in time for supper.


We woke up again to very LOUD music. We headed up to Brodick Castle to do orienteering. We had our lunch and set off to do den building. It was boys versus girls, but the girls’ den won. When we got back to the centre we had dinner, then we went to the classroom to do our logbook. Then it was back to our dorms where we packed our stuff and got ready for the disco.


We woke up early tidied our rooms and took kit back. We left early to get the ferry home.

It was a really amazing experience and we are so thankful we got so much money from Ranger Pete, Community Windpower and the Dalry Parish Boundary Trust.

By Rosa and Lucy


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