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Christmas has landed at St Bridget's!

Xmas Tree

One of the most classic representations of Christmas is the humble Christmas tree. At St Bridget’s Primary School in Kilbirnie, the trees are a mainstay and this year we took the chance to invest in two new trees which they can keep and decorate each year.

One tree stands in the main school entrance, and the other tree stands in their Early Years Class foyer, welcoming each child to lessons with its warm lights and silver baubles. The children were delighted with their new trees, delivered by our Educational Ranger Pete Boustead.

Pete Boustead, our BeGreen Dalry Educational Ranger, said: “It was delightful to see the children’s reactions when the new trees were delivered and decorated. Christmas is a very special time of year, and we were very glad to bring St Bridget’s Primary a little bit of extra joy before the school year ends. We wish all of the children, staff, and parents at St Bridget’s a happy and enjoyable Christmas from Community Windpower!”

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