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Christmas hamper packing with Community Windpower


Using community benefits funding from our Dalry, Millour Hill and Millour Hill Extension Community Wind Farms, Community Windpower were delighted to support North Ayrshire Foodbank once again this year, and representatives from our Head Office in Cheshire travelled up to Dalry for a full day of hard work.

In such a time as this, where families in Scotland have to choose between purchasing food or paying their heating bills, help is more necessary than ever. Especially at Christmas time, when presents, food and treats are embedded into the holiday culture, Community Windpower continued their yearly Christmas hamper efforts, and provided funding for 250 hampers to be distributed during the festive period.

Community Windpower have worked closely with the North Ayrshire Foodbank, based in Ardrossan, for close to a decade. North Ayrshire Foodbank Coordinator Craig Crosthwaite attended the hamper packing day to ensure the deliveries (of both perishable and packaged food) were transported safely and sorted into the correct sections for distribution. Anyone receiving a Christmas food hamper received a bag of packaged goods to support them over the festive period (including lentils, gravy granules, bottled soft drinks, and some sweet treats) and also a perishable bag filled with carrots, grapes, oranges, and Brussels sprouts.

It was a busy day, beginning with the delivery of food and shopping bags. The boxes and packages were then sorted into two lines, and the hard-working helpers got stuck in, grabbing bags and filling them to the brim with Christmas treats and hearty food. Alongside the food packed on the day, those receiving a hamper were also provided with a package of delicious fresh meat from local Dalry butchers R. Stalker and Sons.

The hampers were sorted into groups, ready for distribution the next morning under the careful eye of our BeGreen Dalry Educational Ranger, Pete Boustead. Pete, who is based in the Dalry Scout Hall, where the packing took place, recalled the hustle and bustle of the day, and said “I can’t thank everyone enough for their help. It was a great team effort getting it done so quickly and efficiently. I would like to extend a special thanks to Ronnie Stalker and team for his hard work preparing and handing out the packages of meat which accompanied the hamper bags. Each and every agency which came to collect their allocated bags were so thankful for the food support and passed on their thanks on behalf of the families they support.”

Craig Crosthwaite, NA Foodbank Coordinator, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic that Community Windpower have once again been able to support this program of support to the communities of North Ayrshire. No year has been easy, but this one has been particularly hard due to the current cost of living crisis. This support is a not simply a festive treat, it’s a lifeline for households.”

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